Komplete Video Kronicles 1970's 2DVDR

Disc 1
1.Muswell Hillbillies Beat Club German TV
2.Top of The Pops, Days, Lola BBC TV
3.Sitting in the Midday Sun Promo Clip
4.Victoria, Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues, Dedicated Follow of Fashion, Lola, Holiday, Good Golly Miss Molly, YRGM, ADAAOTN, Waterloo Sunset, Village Green Preservation Society BBC TV 1/24/73
5.YRGM, ADAAOTN, No More Looking Back ITV 12/29/75
6.Sleepwalker Promo
7.Sleepwalker, Juke Box Music Midnight Special 4/23/77
8.Sleepwalker, Life Goes On, Stormy Sky, Celluloid Heroes, Muswell Hillbillies, Full Moon, Juke Box Music Old Grey Whistle Test BBC-2 TV 3/28/77
9.Death of a Clown, Waterloo Sunset, Life Goes on, Ordinary People, The Hard Way, YRGM, ADAAOTN, Life on the Road Rare Super 8 Footage 1977

Disc 2
1.SleepWalker, Interview, Celluloid Heros Mike Douglas show 2/22/77
2.YRGM, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Lola, ADAAOTN, Sleepwalker NBC SNL 2/26/77
3.ADAAOTN, Death of a Clown, Sunny Afternoon, Celluloid Heroes, Get Back in Line, The Hard Way, Lola, Demon Alcohol, Skin and Bones BBC-2 TV 12/24/77
4.Father Christmas Promo?

(Pro-shot excellent quality)

TV Concert 1973-1977 DVDR

BBC in Concert, London, 24Jan73
2.Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
3.Dedicated Follower of Fashion
6.Good Golly Miss Molly
7.Medley:You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night
8.Waterloo Sunset
9.The Village Green Preservation Society Village Green Overture

Wide World In Concert, Rainbow Theatre, London, 4Jun74
1.Here Comes Yet Another Day
2.Skin And Bone
3.Here Comes Flash
4.Celluloid Heroes?

Saturday Night Live 26Feb77 Medley:
1.You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night / A Well Respected Man / Lola

The Kinks Christmas Rainbow Theatre London, 24Dec77:
1.All Day And All Of The Night
2.Medley: A Well Respected Man / Death Of a Clown
3.Sunny Afternoon
4.Waterloo Sunset
5.Slum Kids
6.Celluloid Heroes
7.Get Back In Line
8.The Hard Way
11.Skin and Bone

(Pro-shot excellent quality)

Kinkives 1964-1966 DVDR

1 Long Tall Sally Cavern Club 64
2 You Really Got Me Beat Room 64
3 Got Love if You Want it Beat Room 64
4 Beautiful Delilah US TV 65
5 I'm a Lover Not a Fighter US TV 65
8 YRGM NME Poll Winners 65
9 Tired of Waiting NME Poll Winners 65
10 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy Action 65
11 Set Me Free Action 65
12 YRGM Action 65
13 Tired of Waiting Action 65
14 ADAAOTN Action 65
15 Who'll Be the Next in Line Action 65
16 See My Friends Disc O Tech 65
17 Set Me Free Shivaree 65
18 ADAAOTN Shivaree 65 See My Friends US TV 66
20 I Gotta Move US TV 66
21 Milk Cow Blues US TV 66
22 Dead End Street Promo Film 66
23 Set Me Free Drop-in 65
24 Wonder Where My Baby is Tonight Drop-in 65
25 See My Friends Drop-in 65
26 A Well Respected Man Beat Beat Beat 66
27 I'm A Lover Not a Fighter Beat Beat Beat 66
28 Milk Cow Blues Beat Beat Beat 66
29 Till The End of the Day Beat Beat Beat 66
30 YRGM Beat Beat Beat 66
31 Sunny Afternoon Holland TV 66

(Pro-shot very good - excellent quality)

All Aboard Great Lost Kinks DVDR

1. Long Tall Sally Live at The Cavern, Liverpool, 2-21-64
2. You Really Got Me The Beat Room 10-1-64
3. Got Love if You want it UK TV
4. UK Tour Late 1964
5. ADAAOTN/YRGM Shindig 12-17-64
6. Tired of Waiting/YRGM NME London 4-11-65
7. Set me Free/Who'll Be the next In Line/Tired of Waiting/I'm a Lover Not a Fighter/Long Tall Shorty Shindig 7-1-65
8. Set Me Free/See My Friends Drop In-Swedish TV 9-2-65
9. A Well Respected man/Milk Cow Blues/Till The End of the Day/I'm A Lover, Not a Fighter/YRGM Beat Beat Beat 11-23-65
10. Dedicated Follower Fashion Promo 3-66
11. Sunny Afternoon A Whole Scene Going On UK-TV 6-8-66
12. Deadend Street Promo 10-66
13. Mr. Pleasant/Waterloo Sunset Beat Club 5-67.
14. Death of a Clown Beat Club 7-67.
15. Susannah's Still Alive Beat Club 10-67.
16. Autumn Almanac Top of The Pops 11-9-67.
17 Wonderboy Top of the Pops 4-3-68. 1
18. Wonderboy Promo 4-68.
19. Starstruck Promo 9-68.
20. Plastic Man Beat Club 5-69.
21. Days Pop Goes the 60's 12-19-68.
22. Lola Top of the Pops 5-21-70.
23. Apeman Promo 11-70.
24. The MoneyGoRound Promo 1970

(Pro-shot very good - excellent quality)

04/04/82 Rockpalast TV live DVDR

Around The Dial
Where Have The Good Times Gone
Catch Me Now I'm Falling
Come On Now
Dead End Street
Add It up
Low Budget
Art Lover
Back To Front(incl.Get Back)
A Gallon Of Gas
All Day And All Of The Night
Give The People What They Want
You Really Got Me
Stop Your Sobbing
David Watts

(Pro-shot super excellent quality)

Promotion Videos 1977-1993 DVDR

NBC SNL Medley 1977 YRGM, ADAAOTN, Well Respected Man, Lola,

NBC SNL 1981 Destroyer & Art Lover, Predictable Promo, Come Dancing Promo, State of Confusion Promo, Don't Forget to Dance Promo, Do It Again Promo

NBC SNL 1984 Do It Again & Word of Mouth, Quiet Life Promo, Rock n Roll Cities Promo, How Are You Promo

Ray Davies MTV Guest VJ 1986, Lost and Found Promo, The Road Promo, How Do I Get Close Promo, Down All The Days Promo

NBC Tonight Show 1993 Hatred & Celluloid Heroes, Shindig Presents

(Pro-shot excellent quality)esskit 1977-84 (2000)

Biography VH1+Koch Promotion Video

Music Biography 1964-84, UK Jive - VH1 Doc. (1990),
Koch Records Presskit 1977-84 (2000)
(Pro-shot excellent quality)


BBC in Concert, London, 24Jan73 (Jan 21, 1972)
Counter, Victoria, Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Lola, Holiday, Good Golly Miss Molly, Medley:You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night, Waterloo Sunset, The Village Green Preservation Society Village Green Ending
(Pro-shot excellent quality)

12/24/77 Kristmas Koncert DVDR

All Day And All Of The Night
Waterloo Sunset
Slum Kids
Celluloid Heroes
Get Back In Line
Skin And Bones
(Pro-shot excellent quality)

Starmaker Granada TV Show 1974

Everybody's a star (Starmaker)
Ordinary people
Rush hour blues
Nine to five
When work is over
Have another drink
You make it all worthwhile
(A) Face in the crowd
You can't stop the music
(Pro-shot excellent quality)

etc... and continue...