Chosen People (Tendor TDR-031)

2.Mean Disposition
3.Love Gets You
4.Danger Zone
5.True Story
6.Take One More Chance
7.Freedom Lies
8.Matter Of Decision
9.Is It Any Wonder?
10.Fire Burning
11.Chosen People
12.Cold Winter
13.Fortis Green
14.Living On A Thin Line
15.One Night With You
16.Funny Face
17.I'm Not Like Everybody Else
19.Lincoln County

Sound Quality : 1-12 : Soundboard recording from vinyls. 13-19 : Very good audience recording.
Notes : 1-12 are copy from Dave Davies official solo album "Chosen People". 13-19 are from Dave Davies live at Bottom Line, NY 11/29/97. Actually, this is part.2 of other CD "Rockin' With The Ravens!" (Tendor TDR-011). The "Rockin' With The Ravens!" has the part.1 of the NY show. And Dave played two set show in a day. The bootleg is from the first show. Dave's third album "Chosen People" is not official released by CD format yet. I wish to released it with lots of bonus track.
Similer bootleg : Chosen People / Return To Waterloo (no label)

I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Gold Standard SCDO-001)

1. I Need You
2. Beautiful Delliah
3. She's Got Everything
4. Tired Of Waiting For You
5. Hold My Hand
6. Suzannah's Still Alive
7. Creeping Jean
8. Milk Cow Blues
9. Love Me Till The Sunshine
10. Wicked Annabella
11. Picture Book
12. Strangers
13. Too Much On My Mind
14. Death Of A Clown
15. Get Back In the Line
16. This Man He Weeps Tonight
17. Young And Innocent Days
18. Dead End Street
19. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
20. All Day And All Of The Night
21. Money
22. David Watts
23. I Want To Hold Your Hand
24. My Way
25. You Really Got Me
Sound Quality : Very good audience recording.
Notes : Some venue live show during 1997. We should chek all Dave's show tapes... Let me know if you'd know the detail. Also I'll check my tapes.

Dave Davies Rockin with the Ravens! (Tendor TDR-011)

1. I Need You
2. She's Got Everything
3. Creeping Jean
4. Love Me Till The Sun Shines
5. Tired Of Waiting For You
6. Milk Cow Blues
7. It's Too Late
8. Imaginations Real
9. Beautiful Delilah
10. Look Through Any Doorway
11. Susannah's Still Alive
12. Wicked Annabelle
13. Mindless Child Motherhood
14. Party Line
15. Love Gets You
16. Picture Book
17. Too Much On My Mind
18. Death Of A Clown
19. Get Back In LIne
20. Strangers
21. In You I Believe
22. Young And Innocent Days

Sound Quality : Very good audience recording.
Notes : The first show from live at the Bottomline,NY 11/29/97. And continue to the other bootleg "Chosen People" track 13-19.